About us

About us

A small company with an eye for detail: Sky is no limit, design + couture.
We’ve found ourselves creating products for one of the most beautiful areas in design imaginable.  The label Sky is no limiT has been around for over 10 years and it is virtually impossible to imagine the German bridal industry without us. We've established our label for brides who seek and wish for that extra special something. "To be able to adorn a bride with our original designs on the most beautiful day in her life is a feeling that cannot be topped. I feel very comfortable in the wedding industry, even if it is quite a challenge to continually strive for new designs, push limits and set new trends in this color-limited industry," says Sky Lange-Ford. One of our trademarks is our hand-crafted German production which takes place in the city of Cologne located along the Rhine River. The use of only the best materials is an absolute must for us. Given our complete in-house production methods, we are also able to take into consideration our customers’ individual needs and wishes. We work closely together with specialized retailers who appreciate the ‚magic’ and quality of our products.

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